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Fall 2019 Point Release #19 - Build 19.3.19


Enhancements and bug fixes in VersionOne, Datamart, and Analytics



  • When language preference is Chinese (Traditional) loading a TeamRoom page returns "Bad Request"

  • Deleting a Budget displays a server error

  • Deleting a Custom Field does not delete the corresponding Terminology entries

  • Budget Delete confirmation message is difficult to read

  • Find Unlisted Teams on Sprint Scheduling no longer works

  • The Storyboard customize modal is slow to open

  • Team count summary metric on Scorecards is greater than the number Team listed in the Team breakdown grid

  • Cannot use drag and drop to change Story or Defect Status values when Storyboard is grouped by Status

  • Descriptions containing older Inline Mentions of a Member contain HMTL markup

  • Members with usernames that contain escape character cannot access Analytics

  • Datamart ETL fails when certain list types are used for custom dropdowns


How to Upgrade

Team Edition
Catalyst Edition
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On-demand (auto-upgrade)

No auto-upgrade is scheduled for this point release. Your system will be automatically updated to the current release during our next regularly scheduled auto-upgrade. If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

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