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Fall 2019 Point Release #3 - Build


Enhancements and bug fixes for VersionOne


  • Grid filter values are loaded on demand.  Note: As a result of this change you can no longer select filter values directly from the menu.  
  • "My View" options are loaded on demand.
  • Miscellaneous Style Updates.

Platform Enhancement

  • You can now assign Members to Scopes (aka Project or Planning Levels) with a Role through the bulk API (/api/asset).  The new operations allow you assign one or more Members to a single Scope, each with their own Role or a Member to one or more Scopes each with a different Role.  For more details, refer to the Scope or Member bulk API technical documentation.
  • When sending multiple queries into bulk API, multiple results sets are returned.  Examples are available in the document
  • Enhanced error messages that are both human and automation friendly. Examples are available in the documentation.


  • Progress Bars render incorrect progress in some locales
  • Workitem Cycle Time chart labels are incorrect
  • Rich Text fields are not updated when clicking into a drop-down field
  • Portfolio Item SWAG indicator on the Roadmap Timeline is not rounding
  • Roadmap Timeline does not reflect percent complete when "By Count" reporting is enabled

How to Upgrade


Team Edition
Catalyst Edition
Enterprise Edition
Ultimate Edition

On-demand (auto-upgrade)
No auto-upgrade is scheduled for this point release. Your system will be automatically updated to the current release during our next regularly scheduled auto-upgrade. If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

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Contact support if you need a 2019 annual license for your on-site system.

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