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Fall 2019 Point Release #7 - Build


 Enhancements and Bug fixes for VersionOne and Analytics


  • The current period column header is highlighted on the Roadmap Board view

  • Roadmap Board configuration options were re-ordered and re-labeled

  • Miscellaneous style updates

  • Added Member Preference page to Team Edition

  • Performance updates to Breakdown section on Scorecards


  • Analytics: Backlog Throughput and Backlog Responsiveness panels on the Enterprise Dashboard report different counts.  As part of this change, we added a table to the click-through chart indicating which backlog items were considered.

  • Intermittent "Cannot Convert Blob" error message when pasting an image in a rich text field

  • Incorrect Planning Level (aka Project) assigned when adding a Task or Test to a Template

  • Subscription Task Status Values are blank when a Team has a defined process

  • Release forecasting What-If options are truncated

  • Cannot Group a Storyboard by Status when filtered to a Team with a Team process

  • Defect Status Trend Does not include labels when saved as PNG

  • Typing in a Webhook Trigger Event Field does not update options

  • Cannot update Manager field when editing a Member asset

  • ProjectRoles API does not apply a default sort to results

  • Failure to create a project workspace does not result in a meaningful error

  • Unable to add a new dependency using the Add button

  • Unable to Display error when creating new stories from a Storyboard grouped by a custom dropdown

  • Release Scheduling Page was jittery when scrolling to the bottom of the page

  • Bulk API fails when undeleting items


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