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Summer 2019 Point Release #8 - Build


Continued UI refinements along with other enhancements and bug fixes in the Summer 2019 Release of VersionOne


  • Updated Backlog grid Status filter to improve performance.  With this change the Status filter on backlog grids contains workspace values unless a Team is selected.  When a Team is selected, the Status values are those applicable for the selected Team.
  • Updated style on Grid Progress Bars


  • Activity stream retries when it encounters an invalid object identifier
  • Cycle Threshold Aging clock is off on Storyboards for Team Process Teams
  • Typing in Webhook FROM field does not narrow selection
  • Invalid default values being used when clicking Reset on the Sprint Dashboard
  • Auto Select Fields (Owner, Portfolio Item, etc) No Longer Responding to Keyboard Navigation
  • Intermittent Webhook Failures
  • Dragging portfolio items on the roadmap does not correctly preserve originally defined length
  • Attribute terminology overrides are incorrect in edit view
  • Cannot read My Filters Add page in the dark theme
  • Styling issues on Team Capacity Report
  • Incorrect  styling on radio buttons in some browsers
  • Clicking in read only fields on Asset Details (such as the Created By field) hides the details section
  • Scorecards does not consistently honor Member Profile Theme selector
  • Backlog Group drop down is not hierarchical
  • Text alignment issue on Team Detail page in IE
  • Owner is not visible on Storyboard when Highlighting Owners in the Dark Theme

Miscellaneous UI Updates

  • Active project filter - single view not visible in Dark theme
  • Delivery icon color lacks contrast in dark theme
  • Alignment Issue on Iteration Summary
  • List Value Required Field Indicator Wraps When Title and Description are included
  • Invisible Message on a submitted Timesheet
  • Team room - Refresh icon in Conversations and Activity Stream panels not lined up properly

How to Upgrade


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Catalyst Edition
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Ultimate Edition

On-demand (auto-upgrade)
No auto-upgrade is scheduled for this point release. Your system will be automatically updated to the current release during our next regularly scheduled auto-upgrade. If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

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Contact support if you need a 2019 annual license for your on-site system.

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