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Spring 2020 Point Release #2 - Build 20.1.2


Enhancements and bug fixes in VersionOne


  • Backlog grids only refresh the affected row when the Planning Level (aka Project) is changed

  • Optimized grids queries when the "Status - Progression" column is visible

  • Added a Single Level filter option that limits filtering to top level Portfolio Items in the selected context

  • Added a column to the Administration Custom Field Table to indicate which List Type was used for Custom Drop Downs

  • Added support for "Is Empty" and "Is Not Empty" filtering on numeric fields. This change enables the filtering of grids to only those items that have, or do not have, a value in a numeric field. For example, filtering the backlog grid to only show those items without an Estimate.

  • Added a "Teams" Quick Filter to the Portfolio Tree, Portfolio Kanban and Roadmap. This filter considers both the Target Team and the Teams attribute on Portfolio Items and will return Portfolio Items where the selected Team is in either attribute.

  • Updated the VersionOne product icon and primary color to reflect

  • Updated CommitStream to respect the Members Theme and Font Preferences


  • Member avatar inline edit does not work in IE11

  • Cannot update Member avatars when editing Member details

  • Objective progress bar and estimate pts. on grid is incorrect and does not match detail view

  • Selection of Story/Task/Test Owner does not work using arrow keys

  • Portfolio Item cards on the Program Board lose their color when titles contain characters that interfere with wrapping

  • Unread notification icon is missing

  • Cannot localize the first column of Breakdown grids on Scorecards

  • Team Process edit icon requires clicking in specific location

  • Updated style on Important Field and Required Field icons on Detail pages and added hover text.

  • Project/Program Summary Report has an incorrect value for Open Issues

  • Column titles are duplicated on the Portfolio Kanban when titles are close to the top of the page

  • Member Avatar is not shown in the description field when a member is mentioned

  • The heads-up chart in TeamRooms (Sprint Burndown or Cumulative Flow) has a memory leak

  • Dependency Board icons are not properly aligned

  • Miscellaneous icon cleanup

  • Button misalignment on the Program Board and Value Stream Board

  • The inline edit Backlog Group drop down fails to show options when an active Backlog Group has a closed parent

  • The Detail Estimate field is incorrectly labeled on the Close Dialog when marked as Important

  • In the Catalyst Edition, adding Stories fails when the root Planning Level (aka Project) is selected

  • Conversation mentions appear twice when the conversation is in a collapsed state

  • Teams without active work in status values inappropriately prompts for Team Process initialization

  • Breakdown tabs do not work on the PlanningRoom Scorecard

  • Conversations with collapsed replies do not allow mentions on new replies

  • Deleting a Custom Field marked as an Important Field causes errors when editing assets using the Edit dialog


How to Upgrade

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On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

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