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Winter 2020 Point Release #7 - Build 20.0.7


Enhancements and bug fixes in VersionOne


  • Improved performance on Roadmap Bucket View

  • The Roadmap now displays a loading icon when the page loads and on refresh

  • Enabled drag and drop to Estimably from the TeamRoom Storyboard and List View


  • Planned vs Actual Velocity TeamRoom Scorecard chart does not show Velocity from Closed Projects

  • Summary data is blank on Scorecards in PlanningRooms configured for a VersionOne Program

  • FireFox generates an error when exporting Reports to PDF.

  • Order is not honored for Custom dropdowns on Details pages or list type filters such as priority on the Portfolio Tree

  • Tags with special characters, like an apostrophe, are converted to Unicode

  • Tags containing quotation marks include a slash in the lookup, which is then added to the new tag, which results in additional slashes

  • Can not change Workitem Status using drag and drop when when Storyboard is grouped by Story Status

  • Conversations no longer allows mentions of members or other assets in some cases

  • When creating a new Conversation, pending Member mentions are missing the cancel icon

  • Avatars are stacked when starting a new Conversation

  • Member avatar is cut off on the Member Details page

  • Additional Details column no longer indicates when there are Links or Attachments

  • Grid paging controls are not properly aligned

  • Quick Search Side Panel has tiny icons when titles wrap

  • Double icons visible on the Properties Configuration Panel in PlanningRooms

  • Incorrect icons shown for the following:

    • Portfolio icon type coloring on Portfolio Item Details page

    • Status values in filters

    • Custom Multi Select list values in filters

    • Attachments in Activity Stream

    • Pinned Topics

    • Default Planning Level/Project Icon when configuring a TeamRoom

  • Other miscellaneous icon alignment issues and icon updates


How to Upgrade

Team Edition
Catalyst Edition
Enterprise Edition
Ultimate Edition

On-demand (auto-upgrade)

No auto-upgrade is scheduled for this point release. Your system will be automatically updated to the current release during our next regularly scheduled auto-upgrade. If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

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