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Version 21.0 Point Release #3 - Build 21.0.3


Enhancements and bug fixes in Agility


  • Package Progression panel is now included in the TeamRoom.

  • Legends are displayed inside the package progression panel.

  • Improved page load performance for Portfolio Kanban board by using fixed width columns.

  • Asset detail improvements related to the column switch, shift left/right icons and the new description field size.

  • Card aging can now be turned on and off in Portfolio Kanban and PlanningRoom.

  • Asset details layout preferences will persist and no longer be reset upon a page refresh or logout event. Changes made in one asset type will apply to all asset types.


  • Policy icon on the Storyboard aligns correctly with the customize icon.

  • Fixed alignment of the TeamRoom & PlanningRoom Expand/Collapse icon.

  • Burnup Chart will correctly carry the total count into the future when user selects "Show by Workitem Count".

  • The "Enforce Important Field Values at Close" option is once again available.

  • Fields that appear below the More/Less expander display accordingly based on the Assets Project Scope settings.

  • Eliminated potential XSS vector in the Community of Practice feature.


How to Upgrade

Team Edition
Catalyst Edition
Enterprise Edition
Ultimate Edition

On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

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