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Version 21.2 Point Release #1 - Build 21.2.1


Enhancements and bug fixes in Agility


  • Microsoft Excel exports can now be used to export in the .xls format

  • "Strategic Theme" filter can now be used in PlanningRooms and in the Scorecard view


  • Deleted assets in a timesheet will display with a strikethrough to help users distinguish them from active assets.

  • Fixed cropping issue with Roadmaps exported into a PDF.

  • Added visual indicators to make Task and Test templates easily distinguishable from Task and Test assets.

  • Scorecard auto-refresh will wait for all graphs to load before scheduling a refresh.

  • In the backlog grid, "Iteration State" filter is now a list instead of a text filter.

  • Fixed issue with auto-suggestions not being visible for some lookup fields.

  • Fixed issues with entering values in the "Business Value", "Risk Reduction" and "Time Criticality" fields of a portfolio item.

  • Fixed issue with creating a Backlog Item Template from a Portfolio Item Template


How to Upgrade

Team Edition
Catalyst Edition
Enterprise Edition
Ultimate Edition

On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

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