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Version 21.2 Point Release #3 - Build 21.2.3


Enhancements and bug fixes in Agility


  • New group by options added to the Roadmaps view
    • Planning Level - Level Field (i.e. Release,  Enterprise, Portfolio)

    • Target Team

    • Strategic themes - Level

  • Conversion of Story to Defect and Defect To Story is now possible even when there are differences in required fields. User will presented with opportunity to input missing required values


  • Fixed issue with import window time not considering Daylight saving time.

  • Background activity stream processes no longer fail when milepost updates are made to the database.

  • Users will now be able to follow and unfollow communities from within a TeamRoom or PlanningRoom.

  • Fixed issues with viewing Storyboard when all workitems for a selected project is closed

  • Altered Program Predictability calculation to better reflect program predictability as a whole instead of the average of team predictability. Updated calculation is outlined here.

  • Fixed issue with editing Tag columns of a child portfolio item or workitem from a parent portfolio item.

  • Two main areas of enhancement:
    In the following, Project may be replaced with Planning Level and Goal may be replaced with Objective depending on your Agility terminology preference.

    Note: Because child projects will inherit a Program from parents projects, if a project within the hierarchy is associated with a Program and that Program is selected in the Project selector, all leaf projects of that hierarchy will show (even if they themselves are not in the Program).

    • Selecting a Program or Schedule will no longer ignore project selection and generate the report for all Projects/Goals
    • For any Project you select in the hierarchy, the Program Predictability report will now only consider Goals within leaf-level Projects (Projects with no children). Because this report is designed to show a trend of Planned Value vs. Actual Value in Program Increments, this report will only consider the Goals from leaf-level Projects (ones that represent PI's or Releases). This behavior is a change from manually treating immediate children of a selected root as PI's/Releases to combing down the tree to select assumed PI's/Releases (leaf nodes).
  • Portfolio Item List Type color picker displays all colors when adding or editing a Portfolio item List Type.

  • TeamRooms will no longer be displayed inside a TeamRoom Plugin. Other Agility URLs are still displayed.

  • Backlog ID filter now works for Defects and TestSets and not just Stories.

  • 'Create From' action on Portfolio Item containing multiple rich text fields now works.

  • The stretch value is now visible when exporting objectives or backlog goals in both .xls and .xlsx formats.

How to Upgrade

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Ultimate Edition

On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

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