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Version 21.2 Point Release #7 - Build 21.2.7


Enhancements and bug fixes in Agility


  • A new column "Read Only" is added in the custom columns page with an option to check and uncheck the selection to mark it as read-only or not.

  • We have added the details of the Order ID column to the export list. Now Order ID will be exported in both .xls and .xlsx files.

  • The full text of an asset title is now viewable in conversation mentions via hovering the mouse over the asset title

  • Performance enhancements for Activity Stream

  • Agility Installer properly configures the database Compatability Level and Cardinality estimator after an installation is completed


  • Fixed performance for activity stream so that changes are shown faster.

  • Story/Defect status list for inline edits is populated based on Team value.

  • Changes made to adjust the margin in the text so that it will be visible as actual. There will be no extra margin added in case of adding new line.

  • Clicking on the Estimably end game option no longer displaying the black screen.

  • Program Predictability Report will always include closed Planning Levels and will consider all selected Planning Levels that have objectives/goals.

  • Changes made to select the timeline milestone on the mouse hover so that milestone will be visible clearly on roadmap.

  • We have improved the performance to bring in the data for the mention search as part of the conversations

  • PDF Generation is working correctly again.

How to Upgrade

Team Edition
Catalyst Edition
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On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

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