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How do I update Status and Effort?

What is the difference between Status and Effort?

Status is the stage your workitem falls in. Effort is the time spent working on a backlog item, defect, task or test.

How do I update my effort and status?

There are several places within VersionOne to log effort and update statuses, making it easy to understand the status of your workitems. Depending on how you work, you can make your changes on the My Work page, in a TeamRoom™, or from the Detail Tracking grid. If you just want to view all the effort logged to workitem or by a member, you can do so on the Effort Quicklist.

My Work Grid

If you are assigned to multiple projects, the My Work page gives a central view your work across all your projects. From here, you can see everything assigned to you and make your updates in one location.

To do so, Click My Home > My Work, double click on a row in the grid, and then enter your updates as appropriate. Don't forget to click the Save button to save your changes!



TeamRooms allow you to see team's daily activities so everyone can keep up with what's going on. Here, team members can update statuses by dragging and dropping workitems through the Storyboard, Taskboard, and Testboard views.

To log Effort or To Do, choose Rooms > TeamRooms, and then click on a room name. Click on the Storyboard panel to track at the workitem level, click on Taskboard to track at the task level, or click Testboard to track a the test level. Right-click on a workitem, and then choose Track. You can then make your updates in the pop-up window. To simplify the list of workitems displayed, click on an team member's avatar to filter by team member.

With the "Track "option on the Task/Testboard, effort can be specifically allocated to a task owner. Refer to Changing Effort (Done) Values for information on backdating effort.

Detail Tracking Grid

The Detail Tracking page offers another place to update Status, Effort, and To Do. This is good for team members who might be transitioning from Excel, as it displays the information in a similar grid format.

Select Sprint Tracking, and then choose Detail Tracking. Double-click on a row to enable editing, enter your updates, and then click Save. To see workitems by a specific owner, you can use the Filter option.


Time entered in the system is attributed to the member logged in to the system, so it is usually easier for each team member to do their own  tracking rather than trying to do it all together as a team.