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Changing the Number of Rows Displayed on a Page

This feature is available in all editions.


Grids are customizable list views that allow you to control the way you view data. You can choose the columns displayed, make certain columns editable, and indicate the number of rows shown on each page.


  • The changes you make only apply to your view, no other users are impacted.

  • Only System Administrators can change the grid defaults for all users by applying their changes to Grid Defaults.

Changing the Number of Rows Displayed on a Page

Change the rows per page setting to affect the number of data rows to be displayed on the page. Remember that page size can affect the loading speed of each page. When doing many edits, it can be helpful to work with smaller pages to minimize time between page refreshes.

Resetting the Default Column Settings

  1. Click on the wrench icon in the grid, and then select Customize. The Customize Columns window displays.

  2. Click Reset Defaults.

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