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Exporting/Downloading Work Items to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

This feature is available in all editions.



Any data displayed within a grid can be exported to a Microsoft® Excel® file that can be further formatted, printed, analyzed, or used in reports or presentations, etc. The exported file will contain all the data in the columns displayed in the grid, even if the data is spread across several pages.

How to Export to Microsoft Excel

  1. Click on the wrench icon in the far right corner of the page, and then select Export.

  2. Follow the prompts on your computer to save the file to your hard drive.

    • To export data that is currently displayed in the grid, you can add them following the instructions in Customizing Grids. Note that the grid customization feature is not available in Lifecycle Team Edition.


If you want to export closed work items only, see Exporting Closed Work Items for instructions.

How to Export to a Microsoft Project (.mpx) File

Data for a selected project can be exported to the .mpx format for transferring project data between applications. The .mpx format can be imported into MS Project, Primavera and other popular traditional project management software.

The hierarchy you'll see is created by the following based on the project selection exported from VersionOne:

  • Project tree

  • Sprint/Iteration

  • Story/Backlog Item

  • Task

In addition to data being mapped into the standard MS Project fields, there are some data items that are mapped to custom fields in MS Project:

  • Custom Number field 1: Initial Estimate

  • Custom Number field 2: Backlog Item Estimate

  • Custom Number field 3: Task Estimate

  • Custom Number field 4: Backlog Item ID

  • Custom Number field 5: Task ID

  • Custom Number field 6: Done

  • Custom Number field 7: To Do

  • Custom Text field 1: Item Number

  • Custom Text field 2: Priority

  • Custom Text field 3: Risk

  • Custom Text field 4: Backlog Group

  • Custom Text field 5: Team

Access the .mpx export through the action menu on the Project Details view or the Projects section in Administration.

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