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Using Filters in a Grid

This feature is available in all editions.


You can use filters to narrow or expand the list of items displayed in a grid or report. Filters allow you to work with or view a subset of data at any given time. Note that any filters that have been applied to the current view also display in the tree grids. Filters target the top level of the tree.

Project Filter

The Projects filter displays only the items included in the selected project (or a subset of the project) within the selected range.

  • To filter by project, select a project from the list. The Project window displays. From here, you can select the project you want to view.

Quick Filters (Applying a Single Filter)

Use the Filters drop-down menu to quickly add a single filter to the view.


Displays the items included in the selected theme.

Portfolio Item

Expands the filter options so you can enter search criteria.


Displays items owned by the selected person.


Displays items based on the selected priority status.


Displays items matching the selected type.

Show Closed Items

Displays closed items in addition to open items.

More Filters

Click on the More link within the expanded Filters section to apply multiple filter selections to the same value (e.g. to view items with a priority of High or Medium). Selecting multiple items within the same attribute works like a logical OR. Selecting items across different attributes works like a logical AND.


Selecting High and Medium priority items and Low risk returns a list of all items labeled as both High priority and Low risk, as well as items labeled as both Medium priority and Low risk.

Expand the Filters List (Applying Multiple Filters)

Expand the filter section to set multiple filters on the view at once. After entering your filter criteria, apply the changes by clicking Go.

Clearing Filters

Any filters that have been applied to the current view display at the top of the grid.

  • To clear the filter(s), click on the red X next the the name of the filter or click the Clear All Filters button.
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