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Using the My Work Page

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.



The My Work page is a personalized page that is specific to each team member. It's a one-stop view of the data you typically need to see and/or update your project.

Default Modules

By default, the My Work page is set up for team member tracking but you can add or remove other modules as you need.

  • Workitem Summary
    A listing of all current work owned by the member in active sprints in the selected project(s). When a task or test is owned, the system also displays the backlog item that holds the task or test.

  • Member Summary
    A current summary of work items (backlog items , tasks and tests) owned by the member in active sprints of the selected project(s),

  • Sprint/Iteration Summary
    A summary of any and all active sprints in the selected project(s)

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