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Targeting Backlog Goals/Objectives


You can track objectives by targeting them to allow teams to focus on the applicable objectives designated for a specific project or release. In some cases, that is simply the high-level project in which the objective is defined, with all its lower-level projects inheriting the goal. But other situations might call for a more granular approach. You might want to change objectives from a high-level project to a lower-level project.


  1. Go to Product Planning > Objectives.

  2. From the grid, click on an objective to which you want to target to one or more projects.

  3. On the The Backlog Goals/Objective detail page, click Show Relationships to open the Target In Project subsection.

  4. In the Target In Project section, click Assign.

  5. In the Target In Project window opens displaying all available projects you can choose to target the selected objective.

  6. Scroll through the list and click Add for each project you want to target, and then click Close Window.

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