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Project Workspaces

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.


Using Project Workspaces, you can customize the user interface for each asset by choosing the fields and list values that display for each project or group of projects. A project workspace will include settings for all configurable fields of all project assets.

Project workspaces may be created for any project. The root/system project always has a project workspace; this workspace may not be deleted. If a project does not define its own project workspace, then it will follow the nearest workspace defined in its parent project hierarchy. Therefore, creating a project workspace will affect the existing project and all child projects that do not define their own workspaces.

Global assets are those that are not project-specific. This list includes Members, Projects, Sprint/Iterations and Change Sets. These assets can be customized to change the fields displayed. Any changes made will apply to these items globally across the entire system.

Accessing Project Workspaces

From the Admin menu, select Display Fields > Project Workspace Assets.

Enabling/Disabling a Project Workspace

  1. From the Admin menu, select Configuration >System tab.

  2. In the Enable Features section, select Project Workspaces.

  3. Click Save.


  • Disabling Project Workspaces only prevent users from modifying lower level workspaces defined below the root project level. All workspaces already defined will be retained and their settings will still be honored, but you will not be able to change any settings. To ensure all projects are following the root level workspace, delete all project workspaces before disabling the feature.

  • When disabled, display setting customizations can only be made at the root/system project.

Creating a Project Workspace

Create a new project workspace when you want to change the fields or list values displayed in the UI differently for a project(s).

  1. From the Admin menu, select Display Fields > Project Workspace Assets.

  2. Select a project that is NOT italicized, and then click the Create Project Workspace button. This will create a new copy of the workspace that the project was previously following.

  3. Expand each section, and then select the display items. Your selections are saved automatically.

By default, a newly created workspace copies all the settings from the workspace from which it was split. After creating the new workspace, any changes made to the previously followed workspace will no longer show up in projects under the new workspace. Likewise, all changes made to the new workspace will be safely contained and not affect the parent project. Only child projects, that do not define their own workspace, will be affected.

Deleting a Project Workspace

You can delete a project workspace when you do NOT want a project to be customized differently than the parent. After deleting the workspace, the project will inherit the workspace settings defined at the nearest parent project.

  1. From the Admin menu, select Display Fields > Project Workspace Assets.

  2. Click the Delete Project Workspace button. The name of the project will no longer display in italics.

Uh-Oh! All my fields are grayed out in the Project Workspace! I cannot change the checkbox!

This means that the project workspace that you are looking at is inherited from a parent project. A project with its own Project Workspace will have an * next to it and will be highlighted blue. If the project you are looking at is not highlighted, then look at its parent project. Is that one highlighted? If it is then that is the Project Workspace that you need to edit. Project Workspaces are inherited down the hierarchy. The exception is if a child has its own unique project workspace. The rule of thumb is if it's not highlighted with an asterisk next to it, look at its parent.

System Upgrades

Upgraded systems will retain the same UI, behavior and security that existed before the upgrade. All previous display field settings will be retained and available at the root/system project workspace. Project workspaces, after an upgrade, will be disabled at child projects until the feature is enabled.