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Member Groups

This feature is available in all editions.



Member Groups allow you to organize members into groups based their function in your organization or any other criteria you set. For example, you could create a Member Group called, "DBAs" and include all the database administrators on your team or you could create a group called "Mary's Team" to identify HR reporting relationships.


How to use a Member Group?

Member Groups are optional and are primarily used for reporting purposes. They can be can be helpful if you have different groups working on completely different projects in VersionOne. This allows you to run reports (Effort, Burndowns, etc.) for groups of people working across multiple projects.

You can filter these reports to include data specific to the members of that group across the projects they work on. You can also apply filters to display grids where members are the primary asset.

On these pages...

You can view...

Member Planning and Member Tracking

Work assigned to a specific group

Member Group Dashboard Report

Burndown, Current Load, and work Effort over time

Teams (only if the Teams feature is enabled)

Backlog divided across multiple Agile teams

Accessing Member Groups

From the Administration menu, select Members, and then Member Groups.

Setting up a Member Group

To set up a Member Group, your Admin Privileges role must be set to "Member Admin" or higher.

  1. From the Administration menu, select Members, and then Member Groups.

  2. Click the Add Member Group button, and then enter a Title and Description (optional).

  3. Click Save.

Assigning Members to a Member Group

  1. From the Administration menu, select Members, and then Member Groups.

  2. In the Member Groups grid, click the Assign Members button next a group.

  3. In the Unassigned Members grid, click the Add button next to each member you want to add to the group.

  4. Click the Close Window button to return to the Member Groups grid.