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Project Administration

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.


From the Project Administration page, you can access all of the administrative functions that allow you to manage your Lifecycle projects/releases and programs. Depending on your Admin Privileges and Project role, you can do the following:

  • design and manage your project hierarchy (also known as the Project Tree)

  • create, edit, or delete projects

  • define project/release-level settings

  • define programs

  • associate projects to test suites

Accessing the Project Administration Page

Click on the Admin menu, and then select Projects.

Before you begin, see Designing Your Project Hierarchy to understand how best to structure your project hierarchy.

Viewing Project Details

The Project Details page provides a single place to view all information about the project, including all of the project's attributes, relationships to other assets in the system, links, discussions and change history.

  • To view project details, click on the project name anywhere in the application. The Project Details page displays in a separate window.

Note that the number after each link indicates the number of related items of that asset type.

What is the "System (All Projects)" Project?

The "System (All Projects)" project sits at the top level of the project tree and was automatically created when VersionOne was set up. We recommend that you create all of your projects/child projects underneath it to retain the flexibility to scale the project tree in the future. To learn more, see Understanding System (All Projects).