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Adding a Blocking Issue to a Portfolio Item in the Portfolio Tree

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.


Use this option to place a blocking issue on a portfolio item directly from the Portfolio Tree. You can create a new blocking issue or choose from existing issues to put a block on a portfolio item.

  1. Go to Portfolio Planning > Portfolio Tree.

  2. Select the parent portfolio item on which you want to place a blocking issue. Open the Add Child Portfolio Item drop-down list to the right and select the Block option. Two choices are presented (With New Issue and With Existing Issue).

  3. Choose the appropriate issue type. The Add New Blocking Issue definition window opens to create a new issue, or the Assign Blocking Issues list opens showing available issues from which to choose.

  4. If creating a new issue, define all necessary blocking information. If choosing from existing issues in the list, click Assign next to each issue you want to assign to the portfolio item as a blocking issue. Click Assigned Blocking Issues to see which issues have already been placed on the selected portfolio item.

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