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Filtering the Portfolio Tree

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



If you want to limit the rows displayed in the Portfolio Tree grid, you can use filters to narrow the focus of active portfolio items. There are two types of filters:

  • Backlog Level Only filters return results from the Teams and Themes/Feature Groups fields, which are only available on backlog items, not in portfolio items themselves. The filter results display the matching backlog and their parent portfolio items. Only the matching portions of the Portfolio Tree display when the filter is applied.

  • Portfolio Item & Backlog Level filters return results that match either portfolio items or backlog level items. For every matching portfolio item, all child details below the match are available to expand and view in the tree so you have full access to all details of the matching item. These fields include Owner, Status, and Find.

To filter the Portfolio Tree:

  1. Go to Portfolio Planning > Portfolio Tree.

  2. Click the plus sign (+) to the left of the Filter button at the top of the grid to enable the filtering options.

  3. Enter the filter information and click Apply Filters.

For each displayed portfolio item, all child item details are available to expand and view.

Filtering Example

Matches on portfolio item level filters are returned when either the item itself or any parent of the item matches the filter. For example, using the setup below, when a user in the Release 3 project applies an Owner filter set to 'andre', the results will include the Happy Path 1 - Release 3 Feature portfolio item and its children because that is part of a higher level portfolio item owned by Andre.



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