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Accessing a PlanningRoom

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



There are two ways to access a PlanningRoom:

  • Go to the Utility Bar, select Rooms > PlanningRooms, and then select a PlanningRoom.

  • From the main menu, select Portfolio Planning > PlanningRooms, and then select a PlanningRoom. (Ultimate Edition Only)

For direct access, you can create a bookmark or save the PlanningRoom URL. You can also share this link with users who just need access to this one room and do not necessarily need to access the full application menu.

Groups who plan at different levels of the organization can create their own PlanningRooms and configure them to focus on specific areas of responsibility. For example, they could create a separate room for steering committees, Product A planning group, Product B planning group, security component planning, and so on. See Creating a PlannngRoom for details.

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