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Configuring WIP Limits on the Portfolio Kanban Board

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



You can configure Work In Progress (WIP) limits to optimize the process flow. For the Portfolio Kanban, WIP limits define the maximum number of portfolio item cards that can be worked. If a WIP limit is exceeded, the column is highlighted to alert the user and any board viewers so they can manage existing bottlenecks.

You can customize the board display to group portfolio items according to attributes such as Health, Investment Theme, Type, Source, Priority.

How To

  1. Go to Portfolio Planning > Portfolio Kanban.

  2. Click the wrench icon to the right to open the action menu and select Customize. The Customize Portfolio Kanban window opens.

  3. Click the Board Options tab, then go to WIP Limits.

  4. Define or update any work limit values you want to set (a whole number, representing the maximum number of portfolio item cards available for each value).

  5. Click Save. The Portfolio Kanban redisplays with an alert if any new or updated WIP limit has been exceeded for a column on the board.

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