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Sprint/Iteration Tracking

This feature is available in all editions.


Recommendation: Use TeamRooms

Teams can use the TeamRoom™ as their daily tracking and collaboration tool. Be sure to configure a TeamRoom for each development team you have to keep the team focused on their work without having to learn their way around the entire application. TeamRooms are highly recommended because:

  • A TeamRooms makes it very easy for a new team to get up and running.

  • They keep the team focused on their own work.

  • They allow the team to customize their view and make it their own.

  • They can collaborate with each other and see what's going on across the team.

  • Members can use the TeamRoom URL to go directly there on login and not have to worry about navigating the broader application.

Alternative Tracking Views

My Home > My Work

The My Work page provides an individual with a full view of all current (i.e. in an active sprint) work. This can be helpful if a member is working across multiple teams that each have their own TeamRoom. 

Sprint Tracking

The Sprint/Iteration Tracking section of the main menu provides a view of all activity within a selected project scope, so can be a way to view progress across multiple teams with individual TeamRooms. 


  • Member Load Trend
    View the total amount of Detail Estimate delivered (historical) or planned (future) for each selected sprint.

  • Workitem Cycle Time
    See the amount of time workitems spend in a range of status values.

  • Velocity Trend
    View the team's historical velocity over a period of time.

  • Sprint/Iteration Burndown
    See a team progress through it's sprint workload.

  • Standup Dashboard
    Use this report in daily standup meetings to track a team's progress through the sprint.

  • Test Trend
    See how the status of tests have changed over a period of time.

  • Test Runs
    View aggregated project-level test results from an external testing system.

  • Cumulative Flow
    Breaks out backlog estimate by status and tracks it over a period of time.

  • Effort Quicklist
    See the effort logged against the selected sprint.​

Refer to these resources for helpful insight on tracking sprint activities.

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