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Detail Tracking


The Detail Tracking page shows all the open work in the selected Iteration/Sprint and can be used to view or update time and status. The page is divided into two sections: Iteration/Sprint Summary and Backlog Item Grid.

  • Enter your expended Effort (if applicable) and remaining effort (To Do) against each workitem

  • Update task, test, backlog item or defect information as appropriate.

Accessing the Detail Tracking Page

To access the Detail Tracking page, go to the main menu, and then select Sprint Tracking > Detail Tracking.

Working with the Detail Tracking Page

Viewing Iteration Summary

The Sprint Summary section compares the rollup values in the current sprint with that of the last closed sprint. Here, you can interpret the progress bars to see exactly where you stand. Note that rollups of Detail Estimate, Done (the accumulated Effort) and remaining To Do at the backlog item or defect level and at the sprint level include any and all amounts entered for backlog items, defects, tasks, and tests.

Tracking Progress in the Backlog Grid

In the Backlog grid, you can enter Effort (if tracked) and update the remaining To Do estimate for each item that has changed. Detail Estimates are set for each task and, optionally, test during sprint planning. These Detail Estimates are generally left as is once sprint planning is complete.

Tracking can also be done on each team member's My Home page. The My Home page provides a filtered view for each team member. As such, it is often preferred when individuals are doing their own entry.

  • Update Status Values
    Update status values as appropriate given your team's process. Once you've entered your tracking information, click Save to save your changes.

  • Update a task, test, backlog item, or defect
    Detailed Estimates and tracking information can be entered directly at the backlog item or defect level as appropriate. Click on any backlog item, defect, task, test, or sprint title to open the Details view. Here, you can see/edit all of the item's attributes. Sometimes Detail Estimates may be set at the backlog item and/or, more commonly, the defect level, indicating an item that is to be tracked at that level. Enter Effort if appropriate and remaining To Do estimates directly against the backlog item or defect if this is the case.

  • Close stories and defects
    When tasks and tests have been completed, approved and updated, you can close them to clear them from the default view.

  • View and Modify Blocked Items
    You can also view and modify the Blocked status of a backlog item from the detailed tracking page. A Blocked icon will display in the Blocked column to indicate the workitem's status.

  • View Item History
    To view an item's tracking history, click on the H next to an item to see details.

Deselecting the Show Completed Tasks checkbox will filter out tasks with zero remaining To Do values.

Viewing a Team Member's Allocated Time

To view the amount being allocated to an individual in a grid:

  1. Go to Sprint Tracking > Detail Tracking.

  2. Customize the grid by enabling, Allocated - Detail Estimate and/or To Do - Allocated.

  3. With reporting, be sure to select the Allocate option if your estimates represent total work hours and not pair hours (reports allow you to allocate the Detail Estimate and To Do amounts across owners when pair hours are not being used).