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The Testboard presents a visual depiction of acceptance tests grouped by backlog item and/or defect and by test status. Use the Testboard to gain an at-a-glance status of tests or to track the progress of individual tests during the testing cycle. The Standup Dashboard view provides a high-level view of your work completed versus To Do burndown, cumulative flow by status, and a snapshot of the current view of your Testboard.

Accessing the Testboard

From the main menu, select Sprint Tracking > Testboard.

To see a demonstration of these functions at work, click the Show Me video to the right.

Tracking and Updating Tests

Test Cards appear in appropriate status columns on the board (e.g., In Progress, Passed, Failed) and show the test title, owner, and total work estimate. Test cards are color-coded by test type (i.e., Method, Type, Manual, Automated) to give you an at-a-glance look at the testing across project work functions. Click the Legend button at top right of the board to see the color representation and/or to customize the color-coding scheme by test type.

From the main menu:

  1. Go to Sprint Tracking > Testboard.

    • Select the project for which you want to review team summaries from the Project drop-down list.

    • Select the sprint you want to track from the Sprint drop-down list.

    • Select the team you want to track from the Team drop-down list.

  2. Open the Filter drop-down menu and select a filtering option to focus on a subset of backlog items (i.e., view by Backlog Group, Portfolio Items, Owner, Status, Priority, Story, Defect, or closed items). To focus only on tests assigned to an individual owner, select the owner name in the Highlight Owner field at the top of the board. This action dims all tasks not assigned to the highlighted owner so you can see where that task owner fits into the overall project/sprint picture (as opposed to selecting Owner from the Filter drop-down, which isolates the view to show only that owner's tasks, removing all others from the board).

  3. Hover over any Test Card title to see a detailed description of the test. To update a test, open the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the card and select the appropriate action (edit, assign an owner, assign yourself, track the effort and To Do for the test, close, or watch the test). To indicate a change of test status, click and drag the Test Card to the appropriate status column in that row.

  4. As work progresses, enter Detail Effort and update the remaining To Do estimate for each test via the Edit function on the Test Card drop-down menu. Using this card drop-down menu, you can also perform several other actions (assign the test to another team member, assign it to yourself, track the test, close the test, or watch the test).

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