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Using the Storyboard

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.


A Storyboard shows a visual display of the all the stories (shown as story cards) in a sprint/iteration. For each project, Agile teams can use it to track the status of stories from the time they are pulled into a sprint until they are accepted by the product owner. Storyboards keep progress highly visible so teams can identify which stories are included a sprint and where they are in the product development lifecycle.

For traditional Agile teams (or hybrid teams mixing Agile and Lean approaches), Storyboards give a visual summary of feature status within the current sprint. 

Accessing the Storyboard

Select a project from the Project Navigator, and then select Iteration Tracking (or Sprint Tracking) > Storyboard.

Available Reports

The following reports allow you to review statistics for the current view of your storyboard:

Agile Insight

Kanban teams can use a Storyboard to track the status of backlog items and set Work In Process (WIP) limits to help identify, manage, and elevate constraints. They can see when optimal capacity levels have been exceeded and identify and address inefficiencies as soon as possible. Rather than track velocity, Kanban teams rely on cycle time to understand the rate of flow through the development organization.