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This feature is available in all editions.



VersionOne® Mobile Connect is a customized view for mobile devices that makes it easy to connect with members of your team and stay involved while you're away.

Accessing Mobile Connect

In your mobile browser, type in the VersionOne URL you use to access VersionOne on your laptop/desktop. Your mobile device will automatically connect to VersionOne Mobile.

Using My Streams

My Streams shows your subscription-based streams so you can keep track of what's going on when you are away.

  • Subscriptions. Real-time streams from:
    • Conversations. A threaded-stream of all the conversations you have participated in or in which you are mentioned. If you've started a conversation, replied to another, or opted in with the +me subscription button in Lifecycle, you can read and reply here.  

    • Activities. A threaded-stream of the activities generated from subscriptions you setup in Lifecycle.

Subscriptions are available for Enterprise and Ultimate customers only and can be set up on the Subscriptions (My Home > Subscriptions) page.

  • TeamRooms. View the streams in the TeamRooms you belong to. You can access: 

    • Conversations. All the conversations related to work items in the TeamRoom display here. In Lifecycle, these items display in the Conversations panel in the TeamRoom.

    • Activities. All the activities related to work items in the TeamRoom display here. In Lifecycle, these items display in the Activities panel in the TeamRoom.

Searching for Assets

With Asset Search, you can look up assets to see additional details about them. 

To search for an asset, simply type in an asset ID or name, and then tap Enter or Return.

To view the details of an item, tap the item in the list.

  • The results are grouped by asset type, and then sorted by most recently changed.

  • Only the top five matching items display in each group. Enter more specific search terms to locate assets that might not show up in the top five results.

Viewing Asset Details

Anywhere you see an asset title or link, you can tap to view the details of that item, including:

  • Details. Base asset information that your team has completed for this item displays. If a field is blank, it will not show. Managed relationships do not show.

  • Conversations.  All conversations where this asset has been mentioned displays in this stream. This is the same as in Lifecycle.

  • Activities. All activities related to this asset or it's children display. This is the same as in Lifecycle.

Reading Conversations

  • Tap on a conversation. In the expanded view, you can see the original post, the subscribers, all replies, and all mentions associated with the replies.

Starting a New Conversation

  1. Tap the compose icon, and then type your message in the text area.

  2. Tap Enter or Return.

Replying to a Conversation

  1. Tap Write a Reply, and then type your message in the text area.

  2. Tap Enter or Return.

Adding Mentions

  1. Click Add Mentions.

  2. Type in the keyword(s), and then tap Enter or Return.

  3. From the results list, tap the item you want to add.

  4. Repeat the previous steps to mention more items.

    • To remove a mention, tap the remove icon on the mention list.

  5. Tap Done when you are finished and the mentions will be saved to your reply.

  6. To post the reply, tap Share.


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