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Creating a Project Workspace

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



Create a new project workspace when you want to change the fields or list values displayed in the UI differently for a project(s).


  1. Select Admin > Project & Field Admin > Display Fields > Project Workspace Assets.

  2. Select a project that is NOT italicized, and then click the Create Project Workspace button. This will create a new copy of the workspace that the project was previously following.

  3. Expand each section, and then select the display items. Your selections are saved automatically.

By default, a newly created workspace copies all the settings from the workspace from which it was split. After creating the new workspace, any changes made to the previously followed workspace will no longer show up in projects under the new workspace. Likewise, all changes made to the new workspace will be safely contained and not affect the parent project. Only child projects, that do not define their own workspace, will be affected.