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Setting Up and Viewing RSS Alert Notification Feeds

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.



In addition to receiving subscription-based notifications on the My Inbox page, by email and in Lifecycle Mobile Connect, you can also view them in your favorite RSS reader.

Setting Up an RSS Feed

  1. Open your external RSS reader.

  2. Select My Home > My Views > Subscriptions.

  3. Drag the RSS Feed icon into your RSS reader, or right-click on the icon to view the news feed URL, and then copy and paste it into a new entry in your RSS reader.

Viewing Notifications in Your RSS Reader

In your RSS reader, each change notification will display notification details along with a link to view the item within Lifecycle.

Your RSS link is specific to your member account and grands direct access to your subscriptions. Do not share your RSS link with others.

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