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How do I move a VersionOne database from one MS SQL database server to another?

If moving the database only...

For the Lifecycle application.....

First, make a backup of the database on the original server. Take that .bak file over to the new SQL Server and Restore it*. It is important that you use thye same name as the Original database name. 

Now, run the VersionOne Installer for the build and edition you are running now.

Select Upgrade.

The next page is where you select the instance that you are moving. Click that instance and then click Next.

Select the authentication mode and click Next.

The next page is the important one. This is where you enter the NEW SQL Server information. 


Enter your SQL Server info here and when you click Next it will look for the DB on that server that has the name of the Original database. This is why you MUST name it the same. If you do not, then it will create a new database.

Step through the rest of the install wizard and let it run. Once it finishes, your instance will point to the new database location.


* Do not use SQL Server’s ‘Copy Database…’ or other DTS-based db replication tasks, as they may not accurately replicate all database structures. To ensure the integrity of the database, you must use a full Backup (‘Backup type: Full’) and Restore.


For Datamart......

There is no need to copy the Datamart database over. All it is after all is a de-normalized copy of the Lifecycle database that is configured in a reporting-friendly model. So, you do not need to backup and restore the datamart DB. You WILL have to run the installer in order to set up the new location of the Analytics DB though.

So the first thing you should do is backup the Analytics database and restore it to the new location*. Use the same name that you used in the original location.

Next, run the Datamart installer and select "Install a New Instance".

Enter the new location of the Lifecycle database that you used above in the Lifecycle section, and select that specific database on the next page.

The next step is where you are asked where the Datamart DB will be. Enter the new location's server name and login info. On the next page, tell it to create a new database.

The next page will ask for the Analytics DB that you just restored in the earlier step. Enter the server name and login and hit Next.

Here's the important part. Change the radio button to "Attach to an Existing Database", and then click the dropdown to select the DB you restore for Analytics.

Hit Next through the rest and the installer will run and complete.


For Analytics......

Since you have already moved the database, this is the easy part. You will need to uninstall the existing Analytics though.

Start the installer for Analytics. Select Uninstall. Select the one you are working with and uninstall it. Make sure you UNCHECK the part where it asks if you want to delete the database.

Now, run the installer and select Install a New Instance.

Step through the installer, and where it asks what Analytics metadata database to use, enter the appropriate info. Select the database you restored and connected to during the Datamart install.

Finish the installer and test the setup from Lifecycle.


* You WILL need to run the Datamart dataloader at this point to populate the database. 









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