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Which methodology template should I choose?

This feature is available in all editions.



What are the differences between the various methodology templates? We're looking at re-installing with the XP template instead of SCRUM because the terminology better matches our historical naming, and we would like to also track actuals. What if we use a hybrid model (i.e. Backlog Item and Sprint)? What if we are Kanban? This option configures terminology, not methodology. Look for a set of terms that are close to what you use internally. After the system is installed you can further customize terminology if desired.

Methodology Template Differences

Terminology varies across the Lifecycle methodology templates to align with the terms used in the specific methodology. For the most part, these are differences in reference to the following:








Backlog Items



Functional groupings of features

backlog groups

backlog groups

backlog groups

Use Cases

Work time periods





Tracking Actuals (Effort Tracking)

Most methodology templates have effort tracking enabled by default. However, it is disabled in the Scrum template in accordance with the teachings of Scrum. Note that many Scrum product owners do choose to enable effort tracking in their system. To learn more, see Tracking Settings.

If you change the effort tracking settings, either through system configuration or by applying another methodology template, we recommend that you do it at the end of a release or at least in between sprints, because the progress bars in a sprint/iteration (which are used to obtain a quick snapshot of current status) are affected. This typically would be an issue only for in-process sprints. Burndown charts and historical graphs are generally unaffected, the major exception being those reports/graphs that relate specifically to effort tracking.