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Find all items that I created, regardless of status, sprint, etc.
I want to get a list of every item (Request, BI, Defect, etc.) that I have ever created. Is there a way to get a list where the only criteria is the value in the "Created By" field? All of the built-in options appear to restrict to the current project or sprint - I want to search the entire
Scope change after sprint started
Hi, I am trying to build a custom report using the Analytics inside VersionOne. It would basically talk about the how much did the scope change after the sprint started. Number of story points added after the sprint has started divided by total story point committed at the start of the
Tracking changes through the sprint
Hi All, As the sprint kicks off many things are subjected to change. Am looking for building custom or reusing existing reports which give the following information: - Dataobject for the total number of storypoints added AFTER the sprint got started - Dataobject for the total number
Bulk Edit of Stories Portfolio Items
We have a backlog of around 2600 Stories. We changed the portfolio items for all 2600 manually (took forever) based on feedback from management. We were just asked due to a change in direction to change them all back. We have an excel file from before we made the changes with the original
Feature or Program Initiative Level Report
Is there a report available that displays at the Program Initiative/Feature level, with features/stories rolled up? Example 1: Feature ABC 18 PTS Story 1 5PTS Story 2 10PTS Story 3 3 PTS Example 2: Program
TeamRooms in Team edition
I'm using Team edition, and I can't find TeamRooms in it. If it not available in this edition, can I some how add users to my quicklist of owners without teamrooms?
Change Priority Backlog View of Kanban Team Room
How is the list ordered in the Backlog view? It looks like it is when the backlog item was added to the database. How can I change the ordering? If it can't be done there, what is the VersionOne tool practice on how to find the next prioritized item to pull onto the Kanban board?
Aggregate count of Portfolio Items
I want to fetch the count of number of Sub-Feature/Feature present in the portfolio item(Epic) based on different status. Any suggestion?
Subject:Unable to find aggregate count of childrens present under portfolio items.
Problem Statement: We want to find the aggregate count of Features, Sub-Features alongwith their category(status) present under particular Epic(portfolio item). I couldn't find any VersionOne API which will help me directly in doing so. For doing above, currently what I am doing is firstly
How do you view stories from different projects in one storyboard?
We are using Portfolio to show Imperatives, Objectives and Programs within a project folder called Objectives. And we view all open stories for each Objective or Program view the Storyboard. All the stories show up when they are created in the Objectives project folder, but when we try to
"Week of xx/xx/xxxx" Dates in Backlog View of a Kanban TeamRoom
Can someone shed some light on how the dates for the "Week of xx/xx/xxxx" headings in the backlog view of a TeamRoom set up for a Kanban team are calculated? I have a teamroom set up as Kanban for a team with a prioritized backlog for a project that started on 1/20/17 and the first date in the
Program Board and past sprints
My program board is showing sprints from the beginning of time, even though those sprints are closed. Is there something I need to do so that the Program Board only shows the open and future sprints? Thanks, Betty ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Betty Roush, PMP, Scaled Agile
Subscriptions/notifications when story content changes?
Is it it possible to create a notification that triggers when the content of a Epic or Backlog item is changed? In my exploration of the notifications they seem to be based on state changes e.g. item closed, created, deleted etc. I can't seem to find a notification that would trigger when
Creating a report to easily export work items in a release/project
Hi folks. I'm new to VersionOne (formerly a TFS user). I'm enjoying the product, but have a hit a road block. I'm Scrum Master for 4 teams and also generate the release notes for my teams. That being said, I'm looking for efficiency as we release monthly. When I create release notes or want to
How do I know if someone else is editing a backlog item?
We're new to VersionOne and have run into an editing issue. We've found that if Person A is editing a backlog item, Person B can open the edit screen for that item, make changes, and click Save, but the changes won't be saved because Person A is in edit mode. Is there a way to tell that someone