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Executing Pass-Through Queries

In addition to providing object model-like access to the VersionOne Data API, the Java SDK also provides a way to execute queries using the Query API. The Query API provides read-only access to VersionOne data, and allows you to submit hierarchical queries in a JSON or YAML format. In addition, data returned from the Query API is in a JSON format.

Executing a JSON Query

In this example, a JSON query is used to get all Story assets with an estimate greater than ten:

String query =
    "{" +
    "  \"from\": \"Story\"," +
    "  \"select\": [\"Name\",\"Number\"]" +
String result = services.executePassThroughQuery(query);

This is an example of the raw JSON data that is returned:

      "_oid": "Story:6555",
      "Name": "Test Story on Scope:6527 - Name attribute"
      "_oid": "Story:6588",
      "Name": "Test Story Scope:6527 Query filter with multiple attributes"

Executing a YAML Query

In this example, a YAML query is used to get all Story assets with an estimate greater than ten, the raw JSON that is returned is the same as when submitting the query in a JSON format:

String query = "from: Story\n" +
               "select:\n" +
               "  - Name\n" +
               "  - Number\n";
String result = services.executePassThroughQuery(query);
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