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XML Response

Responses returned from the API always have the content type "text/xml". The syntax of the responses varies depending on the query, update, or operation executed.

New Responses

The response of a new asset query is a payload that can be posted back to the API to be saved.

<Asset href="/VersionOne/rest-1.v1/New/Story">
	<Relation name="Scope" act="set">
		<Asset href="/VersionOne/rest-1.v1/Data/Scope/1000" idref="Scope:1000" /> 


<Asset href="/VersionOne/rest-1.v1/New/Story">
	<Relation name="Scope" act="set">
		<Asset href="/VersionOne/rest-1.v1/Data/Scope/1009" idref="Scope:1009" /> 
	<Attribute name="Description" act="set"><P>When an item's status is updated, alert the owner of the change in status value.</P></Attribute> 
	<Attribute name="RequestedBy" act="set">Joe Customer</Attribute> 
	<Attribute name="Name" act="set">Integrate with Palm Handheld</Attribute> 
	<Relation name="Requests">
		<Asset href="/VersionOne/rest-1.v1/Data/Request/1684" idref="Request:1684" act="add" /> 

The response contains an "Asset" node and multiple "Attribute" or "Relation" sub nodes that identify the values that the new asset will contain. Note that these pending attributes and relations are pre-marked with the "act" attribute which is used to mark the pending changes.

Operation Responses

The response of an operation is generally an "Asset" node with an "href" attribute and "id" attribute containing an ID and Moment.

<Asset href="/VersionOne/rest-1.v1/Data/Story/1021/2365" id="Story:1021:2365" />


<Asset href="/VersionOne/rest-1.v1/Data/Timebox/2011/2254" id="Timebox:2011:2254" />

Query Historical Responses

Query Responses


Responses for queries vary depending on what information was asked for. First, queries are separated into historical and non-historical, and then separated into the type of query. These types include Asset Type, Asset, and finally Attribute queries.

Update Responses

The response of an update is an "Asset" node that contains an "href" attribute and "id" attribute that include the ID and Moment of the saved asset. Under the "Asset" node are sub nodes that correspond to the changed attributes and relations.

<Asset href="/VersionOne/rest-1.v1/Data/Member/20/173" id="Member:20:173">
	<Attribute name="Phone">555-555-1212</Attribute>

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