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Continuum Server Requirements


Lists the server requirements for installing the Continuum application.

Operating System

64 bit Linux, Kernel 2.6 or higher, preferably Ubuntu Server 14.04 or higher, RHEL 6.x or higher, or the equivalent Debian, CentOS or Oracle Linux versions

Processor, Memory and Disk Minimums

For a proof of concept, the minimum requirements are as follows:

2 Dual-Core 2 GHz (min) cpus, 8 GB Ram, 50 GB free disk space (the /var filesystem should include 30GB of the 50GB of free space).

For a production install, we recommend the following configuration:

4 Dual-Core 2 GHz (min) cpus, 16 GB Ram, 100 GB free disk space (the /var filesystem should include 80GB of the 100GB of free space).


MongoDB 3.4.x or higher

Note: During a new install, the database component must be installed first before installing Continuum.


Continuum requires inbound and outbound network connectivity for interaction with third party solutions. Typically these include the continuous integration system (Jenkins, TeamCity, etc.), ALM (VersionOne, Jira), version control (GitHub, GitLab, Subversion). Most network traffic will be outbound from the Continuum server, but some may be both ways. For your specific set of tooling, consult with your Solutions Engineer.

Continuum application inbound networking on ports 8080 and 8083 though this can be easily configured to another port.

SSH access will also be required on port 22.

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