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Working with Deploy


In previous steps of this tutorial / walkthrough, we used Continuum Automate to create and run Tasks to perform some sort of automation. In this phase we will use Continuum Deploy to sequence automation together.

What is Deploy?

Continuum Deploy is used to create and manage mostly virtual infrastructure, though static infrastructure environments can be managed with Deploy as well. Deploy environments are defined using a JSON template and started, terminated and managed via "Sequences". A Sequence is a series of sequential steps that act on different parts of the environment. These environment parts are called "Services". Once a Deployment is defined and started, Continuum Deploy will track that Deployment as a combined unit until it is dispatched (terminated). This tracking includes addresses and variables that will be unique to the Deployment and possibly "Service Instances" within the Deployment.

Continuum Flow can utilize Deploy to provision infrastructure for testing. This part of the tutorial will show you how to do that.

First Deploy Template

First started with a the most basic deploy scenario so you can understand the basic concepts.

A First Deploy Template

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