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Poll for Missed Events: Work Item Change Detection

Certain real-world conditions such as network issues, server issues, and so on can leave the create or update event data from the source system in limbo. In such cases, the data originating from the source system may not ever make it to the destination system for syncing. 

Work Item Change Detection is a polling mechanism (introduced in Agility Connect 21.0) that comes in handy in such situations. 


Configuring the Work Item Change Detection setting polls for such missed events at regular intervals, fetches the missed event data, if any, and sends the data to the destination system for syncing. The data sync, in this case, happens in the same chronology of events as found in the source system. In other words, the history of source events is honored when the sync happens. 

The default polling interval is 12 hours. The available polling intervals in the drop-down list range from 2-24 hours.