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Sync Reference

Sync Reference creates backlinks for easy navigation to the synced workitems.

  • Sync Reference can be either uni or bidirectional.
  • A bidirectional Sync Reference, if configured, updates both the source and destination tools with the backlinks to the synced workitems.
  • The ID and URL fields, if mapped, are updated with the workitem ID and URL of the synced workitems.
  • The ID and URL fields you map for Sync Reference must be optional/editable in both the tools being integrated.
  • Simply enabling the Sync Reference without any ID/URL field mapping updates the Links section with a reference (workitem ID and URL) to the synced workitem.


Sync Reference is enabled for Agility—TeamForge integration too. However, you must create the ID and URL TeamForge custom fields and map them with Agility's ID and URL fields (when you create an Agility—TeamForge mapping) to have the backlinks synced between TeamForge and Agility.