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Agility—ServiceNow Integration

Here you can find Agility—ServiceNow integration-related information.
  • Agility Connect supports integration Agility 20.3 or later with ServiceNow Oralando & Paris and later. 
  • Agility Connect supports MongoDB versions 3.6.x and 4.0.x.
  • Integrating Agility with another tool involves creating the asset mapping between the tools and saving the mapping. For example, you can create a mapping to have the Stories asset always synchronized between Agility and ServiceNow.
  • We support syncing Incidents, Catalog tasks, custom asset with type tasks and project entities (i.e. Epics, Stories & Defects) with the Agility work items

Refer to the following guides and build your Agility—ServiceNow integration.

Here are a few ServiceNow specific use cases

One of the primary use cases for ServiceNow is the support desk module, which is used to report, track and resolve customer problems using your software. And often, the resolution requires a software fix from the developers.

If you’re part of the support desk team or a developer, you have surely experienced the frustration of wasting too much time duplicating information from ServiceNow tickets into tools like Agility, where product managers plan & developers do the work using Agility.

Teams waste huge of time “swivel-chairing” between systems, trying to keep records up-to-date in two places and sending emails and chat messages to follow up on details and statuses. And since records in different tools are maintained manually, they’re more prone to error.

But that can all be solved through integration, which is why connecting ServiceNow and the developers’ Agile planning tools is by far the most popular integration use case Agility Connect sees


Agility to ServiceNow integration Feature Matrix

See Agility Connect Feature Matrix.