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Documentation related to the following products will soon be moved to a new portal: ( Agility, Agility Connect and Agility Integrations Continuum and ALM Connect
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If you have any questions, please contact Support. Agility Community

Configure the Agility Connect Service

  • Go to Settings > System and add your Continuum site's domain name to the UI URL (External) field.



  • Edit the /etc/continuum/continuum.yaml file and:
    • Add Agility Connect (ECHO) as a feature to Continuum (under "features"). Once added, the Agility Connect service starts automatically in a minute or two. You can also start the Agility Connect service by restarting Continuum (ctm-restart-services).
    • Add echo_datasync_count that determines the number of Agility Connect threads that can run in parallel. The echo_datasync_count is by default set to 10. You can increase or decrease this count per your requirements.
    • Add Echo Data Migration as one of the features if you want to Migrate Assets from Jira to Agility.
    • Add Echo Import Mapping as one of the features if you want to Migrate your ALM Connect Data to Agility Connect.


  • Typically, the ctm-echo_sync service is added automatically to the service.conf file as long as the service.conf file is available at its default location (/etc/continuum/service.conf). If you have the service.conf file at a custom location (especially in a hosted setup), make sure that you have the ctm-echo_datasync service added to the service.conf file.