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Export/Import Mappings

Export/Import Mappings

You can export or import mappings from the Mappings List page. 



To export an existing Agility Connect mapping, select the mapping you want to export and click Export. The selected mapping is exported and saved as a JSON file. 


To import a mapping into Agility Connect:

  1. Click Import and select Import from ALM Connect if you want to import an ALM Connect mapping. For more information, see Migrate your ALM Connect Data to Agility Connect (Beta)
  2. Click Import and select Import from Agility Connect if you want to import an Agility Connect mapping.
  3. Click Upload a file from the Configure mapping page, browse and select the JSON mapping file to import, and click Import Mapping

    In case you have the same name for the integrated tools in both the source (from where you exported the mapping) and target (where you import the mapping) Agility Connect instances, Agility Connect parses the JSON mapping file and shows you the mapped Systems, Projects, and Assets from the mapping that's being imported. 

  1. You may have to provide a new name for the mapping that's being imported in case a mapping with the same name exists already.
  2. Click Next. The Field Mapping page appears. 
  3. Verify the field mapping, modify the mapping, if required, and click Save & Preview. The Preview & Integrate page appears. 
  4. Preview the mapping and click Save & Complete to save the mapping.