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Knows Issues and Limitations



Setting up Relationships is not possible with ServiceNow.

Micro Focus ALM QC

Agility Connect supports only the Requirement and Defect modules of Micro Focus ALM QC.

TeamForge Webhook Configuration 

  • When a mapping is created, webhooks are automatically created in both the source and target tools that are being integrated. However, you must configure the webhooks manually in the case of TeamForge. You must configure webhooks in both Agility and TeamForge, for example, after creating a mapping to integrate Agility and TeamForge. 
  • Sync Reference is enabled for Agility—TeamForge integration. However, you must create the ID and URL TeamForge custom fields and map them with Agility's ID and URL fields (when you create an Agility—TeamForge mapping) to have the backlinks synced between TeamForge and Agility.
  • Auto-mapping of fields is not defined for TeamForge asset types and so you cannot automatically map TeamForge fields with other tools.


  • Auto-mapping of fields is not defined for Azure asset types and so you cannot automatically map Azure fields with other tools.
  • When you map fields from hosted Jira and Azure assets and when sync happens for a create or update event—all but the user type fields are synced successfully. The user type fields are ignored.

21.0 Known Issues

  • A validation message appears when you map text and single-select fields without selecting a default value.
  • The field mapping page goes blank when you map text and single-select fields bi-directionally and add a default value to it.

Other Known Issues

  • Mapping of HTML text and simple text fields is not supported.