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VersionOne Product Blog
4 Things Your Sprint Planning Needs To Set Yourself Up For Success
It’s incredibly valuable to be able to raise flags or fire flare guns as soon as something is at risk. VersionOne helps teams assess if their sprint is at risk before they’ve even committed.  Below are 4 steps to follow … Continue reading
New Spring 2014 Point Release – 14.1.6
Earlier this week, the German football machine exposed gaps in the Brazilian defense. World Cup viewers around the globe were stunned at the precision of the attack and the inability of the Seleção to do anything to slow it down. … Continue reading
Point Release Updates to Spring ’14, Winter ’14 and Fall ’13
In addition to marking a new set of VersionOne point releases, June 6, 2014 is also known for the 170th anniversary of the YMCA’s founding, bringing young men in the western world new avenues for healthy minds, bodies and spirits. … Continue reading


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