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Budgeting Your Strategic Themes to Help Teams Deliver Value 
stra·te·gic – strəˈtējik/ adjective relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.(Source: Google) Taking a strategic approach to your annual spending is a sound and fiscally responsible thing to do. Portfolio level strategic themes … Continue reading
Scorecards and Other Executive Visibility Options in VersionOne
For executives, whose days are primarily consumed with business-focused activities, summary metrics about a given initiative, project, or feature are usually sufficient.  For them, there is more to running the business than building the software.  And with limited time, it … Continue reading
Estimation Accuracy It’s Not Just a Report
Estimation Accuracy – Effort (Done and/or To Do) vs. Detail Estimate by Iteration Have you ever wondered how accurate your sprint detailed planning estimates are, and if there may be room for improvement?  Would it be helpful if you had … Continue reading
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