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This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.



VersionOne's native version control integration feature provides teams a real-time view into the code commits that are taking place in the development cycle. Because CommitStreamTM is native to VersionOne, the need to setup and maintain individual version control integrations is eliminated. Additionally, since CommitStream is a hosted service, all users receive the latest updates automatically with no software to install.

CommitStream allows you to view commit data for a particular workitem/defect in a new dedicated panel. You must mention the workitem ID (ex: S-12345) in your commit comment for the service to associate the data properly as well as setup a simple webhook in your code repository.


Accessing CommitStream

Go to Admin CommitStream

Working with CommitStream

Enabling CommitStream

To view the CommitSteam administration page, your Admin Privileges role must be set to "System Administrator".

  1. Go to Admin CommitStream.

  2. Click the button on the top left part of the page to enable CommitStream.

  3. Enter the URL for the repository you want to monitor, and then click the ADD button. After the repository has been added, the webhook URL for that repository displays.

  4. Copy this URL and insert it into the "Webhooks" section of your version control system. Refer to How do I add webooks in common version control systems? for more information.


In order for CommitStream to work properly, you must ensure the webhook is added to the relevant repository in your version control system and you must also include the workitem ID (ex: S-12345) in your commit comment.

Viewing Commit Data Inside Workitems (Stories or Defects) 

Once CommitStream has been enabled, a new CommitStream icon will display on the asset details pages. Click the CommitStream icon to open the dedicated panel inside the workitem and show relevant commit data.


The data included for each commit includes:

  • How long ago the commit took place
  • Author
  • Commit ID with link to the code inside your repository
  • Branch name with hyperlink to itself
  • Repository name with hyperlink to itself
  • Commit comment from author


Using the CommitStream TeamRoom Panel

The CommitStream TeamRoom panel allows TeamRoom users to view commit information for multiple workitems at once. It is particularly useful when discussing progress on multiple items at once, say during a standup.

There are two possible settings for the TeamRoom panel: users can view the Global Repository List that has been configured by a VersionOne administrator or they can alternatively configure a Custom Repository List to view commit data for a specific set of repositories. Using a Custom repository will require users to add the desired repositories and to add the relevant webhooks in their Version Control System.

TeamRoom settings are only available to members with privilege "Project Admin" and above.

To enable the CommitStream TeamRoom panel follow these steps:

1. Click the "Settings" icon next to the TeamRoom name



2. Once in the TeamRoom settings area, click the "CommitStream" option at the bottom of the side panel menu



3. Select from one of the three options as follows:

  • None: The CommitStream panel will not display when in the TeamRoom.

  • Global: Commit activity from the global list of repositories configured by the VersionOne administrator will be shown.

  • Custom: Allows users to monitor a custom list of repositories for this TeamRoom. Simply enter the repository URL and place the provided webhook in the repository configuration of your version control system.


Don't forget to include the asset ID in your commit comment in order for CommitStream to pick it up properly.


You will now be able to access the CommitStream TeamRoom panel as illustrated above.

List of Supported Version Control Systems

The following version control systems are currently supported by CommitStream:

Common Questions about CommitStream

For the full list of commonly-asked questions, see CommitStream in Common Questions.