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Continuum Canvas


The Continuum Canvas is a powerful and flexible interface between any number of disparate data sources and the Continuum platform. Data can be pulled from or pushed to a variety of data sources, either the local CSK datastore to other RDBMS or NoSql datasources on the network. The Canvas is how this customized interaction is presented to users.

When integrated within other tools in the Continuum platform, the Canvas enables a powerful method to interact with relevant, application specific data.

More Than Reports

It's not entirely accurate to think of the Canvas feature as a "reporting toolset". There is no graphical pie chart editor, no query builder, no form templates, etc. It's more appropriate to think of the Canvas as a fully configurable API and interface builder in the Continuum platform. How that data is displayed (chart, table, HTML form, JSON data, etc.) doesn't matter.

Thinking Ahead

Canvas is a powerful part of the Continuum platform. While most often used for presentation of usage data and other metrics, developers can just as easily build full featured user interactions. For example, in the Continuum Peoplesoft Application Template, the Canvas grants users the full power to start and stop individual processes on servers, turn debug tracing on and off, and other application specific features.