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Feature Progression

The Feature Progression Board allows selection of a specific progression and shows all phases and the workitems (grouped by features) in different phases.

To view a feature progression, select Progressions > Feature Progression from the menu bar and select a progression from the drop-down list.


As you can see, when a submission (commit) arrives, Continuum pulls in the feature details of associated workitems. The Feature Progression Board is grouped by features. Every row represents a feature being tracked via associated workitems that are in different phases. 

Click the external link icon suffixed to a feature's name to view the feature details in its native tool such as Jira or Lifecycle. The number of value add and maintenance workitems are also displayed for the features.

On the other hand, clicking the feature's name takes you to the "Workitems Perspective" view that lists all the workitems filtered by the feature. 


Workitems within each swimlane are grouped by categories (such as value add and maintenance workitems) and the number of items is also displayed.

Similar to the Package Progression Board, you can uniquely identify a workitem with its color coding as discussed earlier. You can also click a workitem in a swimlane to view its details.