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Getting Package Revisions onto the Progression Board

The Continuum progression board allows you to visualize your software value-stream along with the value that's currently flowing through it.

In order to visualize this value, package revisions must first be promoted to the progression board. There are two options to achieve this:

1. Use Flow Plugin "Package - Promote Revision"

Using the "Package - Promote Revision" plugin in flow means making use of a pipeline in order to promote the package revision onto the desired phase in your progression. It requires the following parameters:

  • Package Name
  • Phase Name
  • Revision or Full Version

2. Use Project Directive "Package Into Phase"

Using this project directive allows the flexibility of automatically promoting changes received from a version control webhook onto the progression board (without the need of running a pipeline). This eliminates the overhead of triggering a discrete step to promote package revision onto the progression board and also allows for greater flexibility in recognizing event types from your VCS and acting upon them.

You can choose to always package submission onto a phase or to evaluate the push even type in the submission and promote selectively. The following examples illustrate this practice further

Example 1 - Only Promote when branch is NOT Master

Using the "evaluate" option under project directives, we can evaluate the submission such that only branches that are NOT master get promoted onto the progression board. For example:

branch != "master" and len(commits) > 0

In the above example, submission from branches that are not named "master" and have greater than 0 commits will be automatically promoted to the indicated phase. Finally, the package version will be the source branch name.

Example 2

Using the "evaluate" option under project directives, we can also evaluate submissions "types" and promote based on the particular type contained in a submission. For example:

X_EVENT_TYPE == "pull_request" and action in ["opened", "reopened"]

In the above (github specific) example, submissions that carry the event type "pull request" will be automatically promoted to the indicated phase. Fainlly, the package version will be looked up in the submission content.