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Continuum Initial Configuration


Instructions on how to perform the initial Continuum configuration.

Step 1. Log Into Continuum

Login to the Continuum user interface on port 8080 with your web browser (if not done so already). For the initial login you will need to scroll down and accept the license agreement. The user id will be administrator and the initial password will be password.

You will be required to change the password upon initial login. This password must be at least 8 characters in length.

Step 2. Configure Command Line Tools

At some point you will probably need to use the Continuum command line tools for administration purposes. Almost everything that can be done through the Continuum user interface can be done via the command line tools (which in turn use the Continuum REST API). There are also a few things that can only be done at the command line at this time.

It is advised that you go ahead and setup the configuration file for the command line tools on the Continuum server now. The installation will partially set up the config file, you will need to update the password that you changed for "administrator" account in the previous step.

Refer to the following page for instructions on setting the API Token in the config file.

Step 3. Configure URL Endpoint

After logging into Continuum, you will need to configure the URL endpoint that Continuum uses when it pushes links to third party systems.

In the upper right corner, open the menu and select Administration (cog icon) >> Settings. Now select System on the left. Scroll down until you see UI URL (external). Click the + sign on the right for that setting and enter FQDN or public IP address that your users will use to access the system. You must include the protocol or port in this setting.


Once you have made the change, scroll back up and click the Save button on the right.

For this change to take effect, the Job Handler process must be restarted. Go to the command line and enter the following command:

ctm-restart ctm-jobhandler

Step 4. Enter Continuum License

Once you receive your license key, navigate to the administration section in order to enter it.

Select Administration (cog icon) > Settings.

Select the License tab.


Click the `+` icon and paste the license key contained in the license file and click Save.

In order for the license key to taking effect, you will need to restart the Agility Connect services at the command line using the following command. 


Next Step

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